Product Summary

The SII504CM208 is a high-quality digital video format converter used to convert any standard-definition interlaced video signal to a non-interlaced signal. This progressive output is suitable for display on LCD or DLP panels, or on progressively scanned CRT displays. The SII504CM208 is targeted at products that require the highest quality deinterlacing available and is particularly well suited for progressive-scan DVD players, set-top boxes, high-definition TVs, A/V monitors and video projectors.


SII504CM208 absolute maximum ratings: (1)1.8V for core; (2)3.3V for I/O with 5V tolerance; (3)Maximum power consumption 350mW; (4)EIAJ-Standard 208-pin PQFP package.


SII504CM208 features: (1)Highly Integrated Design: Deinterlacer, Horizontal Scaler, Color Lookup Table, Memory Controller, Color Space Converter, LCD/CRT Controller; (2)Advanced Video Processor Architecture with real-time computation at more than 6 Billion arithmetic operations per second ; (3)Standard host interfaces: serial bus (I2C-compatible) or 16-bit parallel bus (186 compatible); (4)No programming needed for standard applications; (5)Simple Memory Configuration: on-chip memory controller supports dual 1M×16 or single 2M×32 SDRAM(s).


SII504CM208 block diagram